Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Past

In addition to my future travels, I am also going to write about past travels I have taken. I don't intend to do a play-by-play of them, but I will post highlights whenever I get a chance.

Quick summary of previous trips:
Appalachian Trail thru hike
Florida Trail thru hike (twice)
Alabama Pinhoti Trail thru hike
Georgia Pinhoti Trail thru hike
Alabama trail roadwalk
Mississippi Canoe (headwaters to gulf)
Staff at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch (06,07,11,12)

I have recorded some of these trips on trailjournals, in a day-by-day format:

Also, I tend to take a lot of pictures, which I have recently been adding to flickr. I think these tell a much better story than words:

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