Saturday, April 6, 2013

FLT Day 25: Sierra Shelter, 11 miles

A bit of a shorter day today, but excellent weather. I passed a few really nice waterfalls on the Lick Brook gorge, which still had a bunch of ice around the edges.
Since it is the weekend, and it's nice weather, and I'm close to Ithaca, I've been seeing a lot of day hikers out. Especially in the state park areas.

I ended the day at the Sierra shelter in the Robert H. Treman State Park. It's a nice shelter, but it's built directly on a park access road, which gives it a really weird feel. It's also really close to an actual highway, so lots of car noise.

I ended up doing maybe an extra mile or so of walking to find water. There was a sign at the shelter indicating the direction, but no distance. That direction ended up at the car camping area, but all the water spigots were still off for the season. Instead I had to find the park office that had a bathroom with running water. They had a sign up saying camping wasn't open until the 16th, so I think I'll have the entire park to myself for the night. Not sure if I'm actually allowed to be there, but the leanto is reserved for thru hikers and there weren't any restrictions in the guidebooks.

Again, a nice evening fire after a warmer day.

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