Monday, April 8, 2013

FLT Day 27: Dunham leanto, 15 miles

I woke up earlier than usual, since I was camping in the WMA area, instead of at a leanto. A bit of a chilly morning, but nice weather to walk in. The first couple of miles followed rivers, which was nice. One area was particularly still dark water which reminded me of the Suwannee river in Florida on the Florida Trail.

After leaving the rivers I ended up in a veterans memorial park, where I took a nice long break. I ended up filling up on water and charging my camera battery and kindle. Not wanting to upset the locals I left after that.

A few more ups and downs later and I'm at the Finger Lakes National Forest. I think it's one of the smallest national forests, but I figured it was important to mention given the name.

The leanto for the night is decent, with a pretty good view going in on way. I was able to get a fire going just with the scrap wood left behind in the firepit, so I didn't even have to find my own firewood for the night.


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