Monday, April 1, 2013

FLT Day 20: Blodgett Mills to Woodchuck Hollow leanto, 6.6 miles

First day back on the trail.

On the drive from NYC to Cortland we had some really nasty weather for a bit. Freezing rain, sleet, downpour, wind, everything. Fortunately by the time we got to the Coryland area everything had cleared off, and it was a sunny 40 degrees out.

I finished up a few miles of roadwalk from Blodgett Mills, and then got back into the woods. Initially the snow was all gone, but as I got higher up there was more and more. Especially on the north faces of the ridges there is still plenty of snow.

Since it was warmer out all the snow is a wet heavy layer, that soaks your feet as you sink into it. I was happy to get to the shelter after just a few miles of walking through the snow. It also didn't help that I was carrying 8-9 days of food, plus all the little extras that my relatives had loaded me down with. It's hard to turn down the granola bars that they bought especially for you. IMG_3067

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