Sunday, April 7, 2013

FLT Day 26: Connecticut Hill campsite, 17 miles

A pretty good day overall. I'm not sure if it was an area of nicer trails, or my pack getting lighter, or maybe I'm in better shape now. Whatever the case, today I started to feel more like I was actually hiking, instead of just trudging along. There is definitely a difference with being able to walk along and enjoy the trip without having to constantly be aware of every footstep and every movement.
It also helped that things are still staying pretty warm. I think I saw the last of the snow on top of Connecticut Hill. It's a high point in the area, and only the top sections still had any accumulation of snow.

I ended the day in the WMA area, where I'm pretty sure there is no one else around again. I had just set my tent up and was cooking dinner when I got caught in a brief sprinkle. Not enough to worry about, but enough to duck into the tent for.


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