Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mississippi River (Fargo ND to Park Rapids, MN)

I spent the night in/near the Fargo bus station, with a 12 hour overnight layover. Luckily it was a relatively nice area of town, right near a Denny's and a Walmart for last minute supplies. Spending the night with me was a family of Amish, a Mexican bodyguard, and an 18 year old hitchiker. The Amish kept to themselves most of the night, the bodyguard wouldn't stop talking about how his great-grandfather was the right hand man of Pancho Villa. Needless to say, I spent most of the night talking with the hitchhiker. He has left Wisconsin with 5 of his friends, planning on heading to California. Apparently his friends all slowly dropped off, catching buses back home. He was the last one, and he was headed back home from Jamestown, where he got his last ride. We played cards for a while, and he slept some. Somehow it came out that he had been dealing with AIDS for the past year, which had prompted his adventure. He had gotten it from drug use, and he hinted that it was with full knowledge (girlfriend or older brother maybe?). He wasnt taking any medications, since in his words they were worse than just being sick. He described it as feeling like he was having the flu all the time.

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