Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinhoti Trail Day 19

A few miles into today I hit a seasonal stream, that had a bit of water from all the rain the past few days, so I got lucky there. Then I passed through Bull Gap, which was considered the end of the trail previously. Fortunately, new trail had just been opened, adding another 12 miles of trail and eliminating a bunch of roadwalk. The new trail is more ridgeline walk, so it was still completely dry, but at least I didn't have to dodge traffic.

The rest of the day was roadwalk, but I did pass by another Dollar General near the end of the day, so I stopped for dinner and a light resupply.

I ended up camping near a bridge right by the road for the night, but I knew that it was still quite a ways to get to anywhere that I could legally camp.

346.7 miles down

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