Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mississippi River Day 106 (Vicksburg, MS, 1890.5 miles)

It was another windy morning, so I waiting until things died down a bit to head out. It finally did calm down around noon, so I broke camp. It was still very cold, so I was bundled up, but at least I was moving.

I got into the town of Vicksburg, going up a side channel to get closer to the actual center of town, and then tied up my canoe and went to the library. While I was there I responded to an email from Davy, one of the two canoe-ers that I had met in Chester, IL. He was asking where I was, so I told him I was in the Vicksburg library. Next thing I knew, he was right behind me. He apparently had a hotel room just down the street, so I ended up cleaning up there and sleeping inside for a change. There were also two other paddlers just in the next room that he had also met. They had started at the headwaters of the Missouri in mid-August.

We ended up going out to a bar for dinner, and it was nice to have a bunch of paddling company around, especially since the temperature dropped to around 25 degrees overnight.

It was also nice to find out that Memphis has been getting hit with some pretty big snow, at least for the area. Glad I made it through there a couple days ago. Also, I noticed that I'm now between Mississippi and Louisiana, so I'm getting near the end in terms of states.

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