Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mississippi River Day 109 (Mile #323, 2004.5 miles)

A bit of a late start today again, trying to leave town can be tough.

As I was leaving town a barge was passing by and used his loudspeaker to warn me that he would be cutting in front of me to park the barge on the opposite shore. It was nice to actually know what was going on, since otherwise I would have thought he was trying to run me down or something.

The wind was mostly a tailwind, which helped push me along all day long. About 30 miles in I was passed by Greg and Michael in a point in the river that had a strong headwind, and then I had to try to catch up after that. We ended up finding a side channel to camp in for the night away from barge traffic, and had a nice big sandy area to camp in.

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