Monday, March 18, 2013

FLT Day 13: Tower Rd, 19.1 miles

Today was mostly roadwalk, so I took advantage and got an early start. The first few miles were actually trail, updated since Chenango got his maps, so that was a nice addition to the FLT.

For the most part the roads were all back roads. They were still all plowed, but had almost no traffic. The one exception was route 10, which had some traffic but a wide shoulder. The nice thing about route 10 was that Chenango had offered to meet me there and take me into town to resupply. That way I could avoid carrying 8 days worth of food.

It was a quick town stop in Walton. I hit the family dollar for a resupply, and then we used the Mcdonalds wifi to check email and weather. Apparently there is a storm moving in tonight which is supposed to dump 4 inches of snow. Just when it was starting to clear off too.

Given the impending storm I really tried to burn in a few extra miles today to make tomorrow easier. However, by the time I was at Tower rd it was already snowing pretty hard right into my face. At that point I had already almost set up camp underneath an old 18 wheeler on the side of the road, but decided that was a bit conspicuous. As it turned out, right when the storm was getting bad I found a stand of pine trees for the night. Cover from snow and a bit of wind protection. We'll see how tomorrow turns out.

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