Thursday, March 7, 2013

FLT Day 2: Chiningo Day use area 15.3 miles

Well, I spent the morning wishing I were Legolas, and the afternoon thinking about how to make snowshoes out of various things in my backpack.

The snow has definitely deepened, up to my knees in places. The top layer is powdery, but then 6 inches down is an icy layer. It seems like this layer isn't enough to support me, so I keep breaking through. Sometimes it holds my weight, which actually makes it worse. Basically the entire day was step, kathunk, step, kathunk. I probably look like a drunken sailor with a peg leg.

Fortunately the last several miles were parallel to a snowmobile route, so I stepped over to that and was able to make some distance. The rest of the day I was probably only going about 1 mile an hour. Hopefully the snow starts melting soon, it was supposed to warm up this weekend a bit.

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