Friday, March 8, 2013

FLT Day 3: Paradise leanto 14.8 miles

Another repeat of yesterday's postholing. I was awakened by two hunters walking by wondering why there was a tent in the campground. Not sure of the logic there, but that's what they were saying.

After postholing again for the entire morning I hit a bit of roadwalk. Never have I been so thankful for roadwalk before.

I did talk with one local who knew about the leanto I was headed to, and he told me I'd be there in 45 minutes, even through I still had 1 mile of roadwalk left and 1 mile of trudging through snow. It ended up taking me about 1:30 hours to get there, and I was dead by then.

Got a small fire going, enough to cook dinner with, but most of the wood was wet and frozen.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 40s so I am hoping for some of the snow to melt, and hopefully compact the rest so I can walk on top of it instead of through it.

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