Monday, March 11, 2013

FLT Day 6: Plymouth leanto, 9 miles

Another shorter, relatively warm day. The snow is melting nicely. On the steeper south facing slopes the ground is already poking through in a bunch of places. Pretty soon I might even be able to see the trail.

I had stopped for lunch during a roadwalk, since the guardrails make nice places to sit without getting soaked. Almost right after my lunch break a cop car pulls up along side of me and asks me if I had just been down at the intersection. Apparently during my lunch break someone had called me in as a suspicious person. I guess a backpacker, with a backpack on, on a backpacking trail, is now considered suspicious.

It turns out that there was a recent homicide in the area that had put locals on edge. The cops were nice about it, but still took my info just in case. At least one of the cops actually knew about the trail, and there were two FLT signs within sight that I could point out to the other one.

The same thing had happened to me during the Alabama roadwalk between the Florida trail and Flagg mt. I was with Needles at the time, and he was having van support from Gatorade Gordon. It was a bit tougher to convince those cops that we were on a hiking trail to Canada, when all we were carrying was day packs. Apparently at that time the cops were more concerned about Gordon in the big white van parked at the corner, even though it had "all trails lead to God" written on the side of it.

Tonights leanto isn't quite as nice as the last one. This one has been around since 1933, and has been used as a local party place based on the register. Still a dry place to set my tent up, and a convenient place to camp.

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