Sunday, March 10, 2013

FLT Day 5: Perkins Pond leanto 10.7 miles

Today was a shorter day that actually felt like one.

The weather was even warmer, so the melting continues, and the walking gets easier. I still get soaking wet from the ankles down though, and it's taking a toll on my feet.

Since I was stopping early today I got a chance to make a good fire at the leanto. Fire makes everything better. A chance to dry out socks, a chance at a warm meal, and entertainment.

My sock system over the past few days is to wear one pair and have one drying on the back of my back. They don't get all the way dry in a day, so I put the dryer pair in a stuff sack in my sleeping bag at night. That way they aren't frozen the next morning and I can put my feet in them. The other pair gets hung on my back the next day. Then you have to factor in that my boots have been freezing overnight, so the first five minutes in the morning are slow going until they thaw out. The. I can actually tie the laces and move a bit quicker. Ah, the joys of a winter hike.

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