Saturday, March 9, 2013

FLT Day 4: Bucks Brook camp, 10.5 miles

Slightly shorter day today, but it was still a full day of hiking.

Today I saw the first signs of other hikers, mainly in footprints that were probably more than a week old, based on the registers. For about a quarter mile a father and son pair had tried to go for a hike, but then had turned around because it was too much work. I can't say I blame them.

The day was relatively warm, forecasted in mid 40s. At one point I was hiking through knee deep snow in a T-shirt. When the wind set in through it felt colder, so I put a jacket back on. For the most part I have been wearing long underwear, zip off pants, a wicking T-shirt, a hat, and a driclime windshirt.

With the coming temperature the snow is definitely starting to melt as well as compact, so I am starting to posthole less frequently and less deeply. Definitely good tidings for the next couple of days. Tomorrow is supposed to be low 50s, so the melting should continue.

Tonight I am basically camped on the side of a gravel road, so there is some traffic, but it's in the state forest in a stand of pine trees, which is always nice.

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