Sunday, March 17, 2013

FLT Day 12: Dry Brook leanto, 13.3 miles

Today was almost entirely woods walking, which was nice. I think either the snow I getting deeper, or I am just in an area that hasn't melted yet.

It wasn't anywhere near the level that I started off at, but the snow was still deep enough to mess up my stride.

Chenango left early this morning and then I went back to bed, since I knew I had a relatively short day to go. Once I got up and got moving it was a pretty good day. The sun even came out a bit at times, so everything warmed up a bit.

Tonights shelter is another eagle scout project, from 1999. It seems like a lot if the trail improvements are from various projects over the years. A couple of the shelters have been Eagle Scout projects, and a bunch of the bridges have been as well.

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