Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FLT Day 36: Hesse leanto, 21 miles

After a restful sleep in the cabin I set out for a full day of hiking, and in nice weather to top it off.

The 'trail' (notice the blaze on the fallen tree), after a bunch of erosion.

Probably the most significant thing that happened today was a bit of reverse trail magic. Last week I had met two day hikers out on a rainy day. One of them was almost finished with hiking the entire trail. After parting ways with them I soon found a Leki hiking pole on the side of the trail, maybe two miles later. Since it was nicer than my walmart poles, I started carrying and using it.

Today I met a trail maintenance crew of four working on the trail. I started talking to the first two guys, who then yelled back to the rear two that I was a thru hiker. One of the back two was one of the hikers I had met last week. Once I recognized him I offered him the pole. It wasn't his, but the other guys, so he offered to return it for me. Usually thru hikers are on the receiving end of trail magic, so it was nice to surprise another hiker like that.

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