Saturday, April 20, 2013

FLT Day 39: Boyce Hill leanto, 18 miles

After a cold night I woke up to a snow covered tent. Definitely not what I expected toward the end of April.

All day was really windy, with scattered snow and hail throughout. The few times I got into a relatively sheltered area it felt like I was falling sideways since I was so used to leaning into the wind.

At one point I was walking down a forest service road in a state forest when a pickup pulled up along side me and asked if I was hiking the North Country Trail. It definitely caught me off guard. Most locals don't even seem to know about the trail. This hunter actually knew about the longer version, and by name. He still seemed impressed when I told him I had hiked there from the Catskills.

The leanto for the night is brand new, just built last year. There are still a bunch of leftover scraps of lumber around from construction. I would have helped clean up some of the scraps with a fire, but it was cold enough I just wanted to get into my sleeping bag.

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