Monday, April 15, 2013

FLT Day 34: Kanakadea leanto, 15 miles

Today was more of a town day than anything else. The weather finally cleared off for a bit, and about 10 miles into the day I stopped at the town of Hornell, right on the trail. As soon as I got into town there was a Dollar General right across the street where I was able to resupply for the next week. Next to that was an abandoned store that still had power, so I hung outside to charge my electronics a bit.

Then there was an Aldi's as I continued through town, and a nice park on the way out of town that I hung out at. The weather was much nicer, so I actually felt like stopping for quite a while to enjoy the sun.

For the night I went to the Kanakadea leanto, which is a ways off from the trail, but seemed worth it to fend off the predicted rain, which never showed up. IMG_3143

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