Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FLT Day 35: Bossards cabin, 18 miles

More light rain for most of the day. It was warm enough to hike in without a rain jacket on, so I probably got cleaner from the rain. Most of the day was in and out of farmers fields, or roadwalking next to farms. It makes for some nice views, but isn't the same as a good woods walk.

About a mile from the end of the day I knew there was a stream coming up that I was supposed to fill up water at. When I got there not only was it flowing through a cow field, but the entire field was ankle deep sucking mud. I had to ford the river, so I just left my boots on. They needed the washing from the mud, and it wasn't a good spot to go barefoot in anyways. Since the water was flowing through piles of manure I decided not to fill up there, and just go thirsty instead.

The shelter for the night was actually a private hunting cabin. When I first got there it definitely seemed like the kind of place that a horror movie starts. A rickety old cabin, with no one around. I was actually thinking about sleeping outside instead, until more rain set in. I ended up inside, and even rigged up a rainwater system to catch drinking water. After a while the cabin started seeming nicer and nicer. It had a wood stove, so I cooked and dried gear out. By the end of the evening I was glad I had stayed there.

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