Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FLT Day 28: Buck Settlement leanto: 17 miles

A little bit of rain in the early morning, but then things cleared off.

I had about ten miles to start off with into the town of Watkins Glen, and a walmart right on the trail. Most of that mileage was on side roads, but about a mile outside town a lady pulled over and offered me a ride. I declined, explaining about the trail, and she looked relieved. Apparently she had offered me the ride because she thought I was a friend of hers, rather than a hiker.

On the way into walmart one guy stopped me an asked how far I was going, to which I gave the usual reply of "all the way". He said he was glad to see people were still out doing things like that.

After town and resupply I passed through the state park of Watkins Glen. The park is famous for it's gorge and waterfalls, but the FLT doesn't go near any of the falls.

I got back outside the park on the far end, and a few more miles took me to the leanto for the night. It is built on top of an old farm from the 1800s, but everything has reverted back to woods already.

Just a bit of rain after I got my fire going, enough to remind me to be thankful for the shelter.


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