Friday, April 12, 2013

FLT Day 31: June Bug Campsite, 18 miles

Another day of semi rain. I waited out the worst of it in the early morning. By around 11 it seemed to be getting better, based on the color of the clouds, so I took off. I got lucky, and most of the afternoon was clear.
Given my crash yesterday I was much more careful about breaks and snacks today, especially since I knew there wasn't going to be a leanto at the end of the day to dry off in.

There is definitely a major mental difference in hiking on rainy days. I know there were some views today, but I didn't get my camera out because of the rain. It seemed like I was rushing the entire day, much more goal oriented rather than just hiking for enjoyment.

I did meet two hiking along the way, from Rochester. One of them was only a fee miles away from finishing an end to end hike of the FLT. It seems like that is a much more common term, rather than thru hiker. Most people only hike it in sections, so end to ender is the normal term.

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