Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mississippi River Day 89 (Mile #788, 1539.5 miles)

It rained all last night, pretty hard, and this morning it looked like it was about to rain, but I decided to go for it anyway, even if I just got a few miles down the river. It rained all last night, and the entire shore was really muddy, and I had built up some nice mud stilts just walking from camp to the canoe.

I almost stopped twice, when it did start misting a little bit, but managed to keep going and put in a full day, even against a slight headwind.

After I had camp set up and a fire going a hunter stopped by, telling me he had smelled the smoke and was wondering what was going on. He seemed pretty impressed by what I was doing, which was nice.

The main thing I noticed today was the amount of debris in the water. The rain all last night raised the water level a bit, and more stuff is floating away now.

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