Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mississippi River Day 71 (Chester, Il, 1244 miles)

Today started off calm, but the wind built up as the day went on.

There were a few bigger barges today. South of St. Louis they don't need to pass through locks, so they are able to push bigger loads.

I took a few wind breaks today. One especially since the wind was blowing strong around a turn, and a barge was coming. The wind would have pushed me into the oncoming barge, so I decided to wait until it passed.

On the next wind break another canoe-er came up from behind me. It turns out that he is traveling all the way as well. Davey is from Yonkers, NY. This is his second trip down the river, and had a few interesting stories to tell. Not sure if I'll end up seeing him again or not.

Just before dusk I was approaching town, and a fish decided to jump right into my boat. It scared me pretty good, and ended up flopping around and getting my canoe all fish-smelly before I could flip it back out. It was probably about 2 feet long, not sure what kind. It left some scales in the bottom of my boat, where it rubbed against some of the stuff I had there. Smelly.

I got to Chester late, just at dusk, and ended up getting lost and wandering around town at night. This town has a major thing for Popeye.

I left town without really accomplishing anything, but it was still interesting

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