Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mississippi River Day 75 (Mile #30, 1323 miles)

My host gave me a ride to the river in the morning, and offered that I could stay a second night if it was too windy to get anywhere. Once I saw the river I debated taking him up on the offer, but I wanted to try to catch back up with the other canoers.

I ended up fighting my way to the opposite side of the river, where the wind died down a bit, but it was still incredibly wavy. There were a few times I had to navigate around wing dams, and got blown back upstream, which can be really annoying. I ended up portaging over a few of them, just because it was easier to stay in the sheltered portion of the river.

I took a break at a bend in the river, hoping for the wind to die down a bit, and it did eventually, but the going was still slow. No sign of the other canoers, but I'm hoping they took the day off, or at least went slow as well.

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