Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mississippi River Day 81 (New Madrid, 1438.5 miles)

Today was another windy day. I almost stopped after getting blown back from going around the first wingdam I went around. Instead, I fought a few more miles, since I knew a big horseshoe shaped bend was coming up in the river, so the wind would be at my back for a bit.
The bend ended up having a nice strong current to carry me around, and then the current and the wind ended up pushing me along. At one point I was going 6 mph, which was quite nice.

After the current died out, and I turned a bit so the wind was ahead of me again, I ended up fighting the last 1/2 mile to get near town. I stopped just outside of town so I could camp there.

In town I found out that there was a wind advisory for tomorrow, recommending that boaters stay off the water. I guess I'm stuck in town for another day.

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