Friday, November 18, 2011

Mississippi River Day 87 (Mile #822, 1505 miles)

It was colder last night, mainly due to the wind.

After a couple of miles in I decided to stop since it was so windy that I was passed by a log floating downstream. It had a smaller surface area above water for the wind to blow on. Luckily where I stopped was by a barge loading area, and there was a faucet, so I was able to fill all my water jugs. I then read for a while, until the wind died down a bit.

Once the wind died out I got back on the river, but stopped early for the night, which was a nice change. Sometimes its nice to control your mileage instead of the wind determining it, even if it just means stopping early for the night. After sunset the wind died out and it was a nice still night.

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