Friday, November 4, 2011

Mississippi River Day 73 (Grand Tower, IL, 1280.3 miles)

I wanted to get in a few extra miles today, given that I didn't go anywhere yesterday. About halfway through the day a sailboat passed me, then cut its motor. It was a couple was heading down the Mississippi, and then on to wherever else they could get to. They were quite nice, and its nice to talk to other people doing similar trips.

I stopped in to Grand Tower, but the library was closed, and didn't have wireless. I ended up wandering around town to find an open wifi spot, and did eventually find a weak signal, probably after scaring half of the neighborhood watch people.

I left town in the afternoon, and when I turned around there were two other canoers behind me a ways. I decided to wait for them to catch up. Turns out that Davy had spent the day in Chester as well, and then also met Zach, another canoer doing the whole river. We ended up camping together and spent a long time talking to each other, and burned an entire huge pile of driftwood.

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