Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mississippi River Day 77 (Mile #940, 1387.5 miles)

I woke up early today hoping to catch the other two still sleeping, at least figuratively. Unfortunately the wind didn't agree with me. I ended up stopping just a mile past where I started, and ducked behind an empty barge to wait out the wind again. About halfway through the day another barge pulled up and started tying off to the empty one. One of the bargemen asked me what I was doing, and I told him I was waiting out the wind. He proceeded to tell me I had to move, since it was too dangerous to be that close to a moving barge. And this was while I was all the way on the shore, where there is no way the barge could have even gotten close to me. He then further showed his ignorance by radioing the captain that there was a kayaker near the shore. My canoe in no way looks like a kayak. Oh well. I did end up doing a few more miles, just to get away from some of the barges, but it was a discouraging day.

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