Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pinhoti Trail Day 10

Another long roadwalk day. The first half mile or so of the day was on the rails to trails, but then I turned off onto the road for the rest of the day. The 19 miles put me just shy of the town of Cave Springs, where I planned on resupplying tomorrow.

Towards the afternoon I started looking for a place to stealth, since I didn't want to passed through town today. I ended up finding a nice tree farm that was hidden from traffic, so I ducked off into the woods around 4:00. About 15 minutes later it started to rain, so I got pretty lucky again. I don't mind stealth camping so much, the only issue I really have with it is not knowing where the next good spot is. I could have done a few extra miles today, but that might have put me in the middle of suburbs with nowhere to camp. You never really know, so you just take your chances with what looks good.

Tomorrow is another 10 miles or so of roadwalk through town, including resupply and a scheduled breakfast meeting with Rick, the trail angel from Dalton. The Georgia Pinhoti group is having a meeting, and he invited me along for the thru-hiker perspective, if I was passing through on Sunday.

I also tried calling '65' today, since I think I will probably be running into him in the next few days, but I didn't get an answer.

171.1 miles down

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