Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinhoti Trail Day 6

This morning I woke up at Rick's (the trail angel's) house and had a nice breakfast before he drove me back to the trail where I left off. After that I had about another mile of sidewalk to get out of town, across I-75, and then a smaller roadwalk to get back to actual trail.

Most of the trail today was along ridgelines, zig-zagging quite a bit to pick up a bunch of different ranges. Since I was higher up, there was also very little water along the way, until I dropped back down near the end of the day. Based on Rick's advice, I had tried to get a bit further than originally planned today, so I could sleep on top of a waterfall for the night.

Unfortunately things didn't quite work out. It was getting dark by the last mile or two, and I thought I missed a turn somewhere, since the mileage wasn't working out, and there wasn't any waterfall. I ended the day deciding I had missed a turn about a mile back, and just made camp where I was. My plan was to backtrack the next day when it got light out, and start off fresh. Not quite what I was hoping for when I decided to do a longer day.

106.1 miles down

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