Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinhoti Trail Day 14

I got an early start this morning, hoping to beat a bit of the heat. A local told me yesterday that it is roughly 10 degrees warmer than it normally is this time of year, so I think that might have been why I felt so slow the day before.

I stopped for lunch at a nice shelter about 10 miles into the day, and relaxed with a long nap. Even though I was still killing off time like I was on the slow day, I felt much better about it today.

Right after lunch I ran into two hikers, Blister Bob and Hiker Sue, who run a shuttle service for the Pinhoti. I had seen some of their cards in previous registers, so I knew roughly who they were. I still planned on trying to hitch a ride from the end of the hike, rather than trying to schedule a ride with them.

When I got into the shelter for the night there was another hiker there, 'DAH', who 65 had run into a few day earlier. He was out for a week long hike, ending the next day. His goal was just to see how far he could get, but he was running into some foot problems, so he was calling his hike a bit early. The shelter had a few nice waterfalls, so I took advantage of the location and timing to do some long exposure waterfall shots, which turned out nicely.

243.7 miles down

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