Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinhoti Trail Day 2

This morning I spread all my stuff out in the shelter, taking advantage of the space to get everything organized a bit more. It rained a bit last night, so the shelter was nice to have.

After leaving the shelter there were several miles of roadwalk, some paved and some gravel. On one of the roads a local stopped by and offered me the use of his local cabin for the night if I wanted to shower and spend the night, but since it was really early in the day I declined.

Once I was back in the woods I was hiking up a ravine and ended up scaring a bunch of white-tailed deer, which looked cool as they all fled up the mountain, with their tails flashing back and forth.
After that most of the day was a ridgeline hike, but not very good views. Towards the end of the day I dropped down off of the ridge, and came upon an outdoor church and cemetery. It was very convenient, as there was a thunderstorm coming in. I ended up waiting the storm out underneath the pavilion. If the storm had kept going I was just going to spend the night there, but it did break, so I pushed a few more miles at the end of the day to get to the start of the Pinhoti.

Once I was on the Pinhoti there was a creek ford almost immediately, so I ended up getting my feet soaking wet. After that crossing I was on an old forest road that was turned into a mountain bike trail, and climbed for the next couple of miles at a nice easy grade.

I set up my hammock on the side of the trail on top of the ridgeline. I made camp right was it was getting dark, and it started raining again shortly after, so I was glad to have everything set up already.

23.8 miles down

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