Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinhoti Trail Day 5

I woke up on the powerline pretty early, hoping to get back into the woods today at the end of the 35 mile roadwalk. A few miles into the day a guy in a limo pulled over, with a big dog hanging out the window. At first I thought it was a cop, since there was a metal divider between him and the back seats, like in a cop car, but it was just for the dog. I've also been stopped before for walking down a street, called in by the neighborhood watch committee.
The guy in the limo actually turned out to be the president of the Georgia Pinhoti Trail group. He was apparently looking for a nobo hiker, who should have been in the area (probably Lakeland on the ECT). Instead, he ran into me, and thought that I had gotten turned around, since the majority of people hike nobo. He left me a business card, and asked me to call him in the evening.
Most of the day was on back roads, so not too much traffic, except in a few spots where the trail runs by the Vann house, which is the house of an old indian chief. There were also nice signs along the way, that looked almost like road signs, to indicate turns in the Pinhoti. This helped a lot, since the Pinhoti is not blazed nearly as nicely as other trails I've been on. Especially on this 35 mile roadwalk, blazes were in short supply.
Towards dinner I hit the Dalton area, with plentiful fast food choices. I also was able to resupply at Krogers, which was right on the trail. There was another mile or so to get back to the woods, so I decided to give my trail angel a call and let him know. Turns out that he lives less than a mile from Krogers and offered to let me stay for the night and get a shower. Not only that, but he came and picked me up in his limo, dirty clothes and all. Not bad.

80.1 miles down

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