Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mississippi River Day 44 (Hurricane Island, 758 miles)

I woke up this morning to the sounds of a dredging crew right next to my island. Apparently the lights that I had seen the night before were from there boats where they spent the night. I hit a lock at 4 miles in, and talked a bit with the lock tenders. Apparently the nice weather is supposed to last until Tuesday, when there will be thunder storms. The weather has been mid 80's, instead of the mid 60's it usually is this time of year, so I have appreciated it by trying to do more miles now, to make it easier later.

I hit a town at 12 miles, right as the wind was kicking up, so it worked out nicely. Unfortunately the library was a ways outside of town, so I had a bit of a hike. I was able to upload more pictures and got caught up on my journal. I left around 5:00 when the wind was dying down, which was nice. I hit a gas station as I left town for a small resupply, since there was no grocery in town. After that it was a bit of a night paddle by the moon, still with nice weather. I found a poor campsite for the night, but I was ready to stop, and there didn't look to be anything soon on the maps, so I called it a night. 

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