Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mississippi River Day 51 (Sycamore Creek, 859 miles)

It rained quite a bit last night, so everything was soaked when I woke up. Its never fun to pack up wet gear, even if you are dry.

I got an early start to try to avoid most of the wind. Four miles in I hit a town, but there wasn't much there, and it was starting to sprinkle a bit. As I was leaving two guys in a pickup pulled up and started talking to me. They were pretty interested in the trip, so I stayed longer than I would have otherwise. They were actually from the next town downriver, so I tried hinting I would be staying somewhere around there, wherever I could find, but no such luck on the yogi.

At twelve miles I hit another town, where I stopped for the library and internet. When I left the wind had kicked up quite a bit, and was blowing sideways. To leave town I had to paddle about a half mile crossways to get back to the flow of the river, which was straight into the wind. Luckily when I finally got to the opposite shore I was able to be sheltered a bit from the wind, and decided to keep going.

I was planning a shorter day today, but there were a bunch of houses all along the bank, so I didn't really have to many camping options. As it was getting dark I found a culvert leading up a stream, and was able to camp on the stream bank. There was a house right nearby, but I actually strung my hammock across the creek, so I wasn't actually trespassing.

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