Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mississippi River Day 43 (McMillian Island, 735 miles)

Today was a nice day again, I'm not sure how many more of these I'm going to get. I slept in a bit to wait for fog again, and then took off. I took a side channel that bypassed town today. Turns out the side channel is actually the official channel for the barges, because the traffic kept going. Its nice to be able to bypass some of these towns, without needing supplies or anything. Especially some of the bigger cities could get annoying.

I had a nice couple of breaks today on soft sandy beached, and I called it a day on one of the beaches at mile 18. The wind picked up quite a bit, and the beach had a nice campsite, so I thought I was done for the day. However, the wind died down as the evening went on, and I decided to take advantage of the coming full moon and do some night miles. It is quite interesting to canoe by moonlight, and I definitely recommend trying it. I pushed on for a few hours by the moon, which sets me up for town tomorrow nicely. I'm planning on doing more of a resupply, since its been more than 300 miles since my last major resupply. Canoeing is definitly a bit different than backpacking.

I pushed the night miles tonight because I wanted to try it, and I'm not sure how long the weather will last. The moon keeps getting brighter, but I wanted a clear night to try it. The past couple of nights have been clear, and the full moon is only a couple days away, so I took advantage of the circumstances.

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