Monday, October 10, 2011

Mississippi River Day 48 (Little Soup Bone Island, 812 miles)

Today started off with a nice calm morning, which was nice and relaxing. I had to get an early start today to get into town so I could eat breakfast. The lock and town were at 4 miles in, so it wasn't too far to go without breakfast. After getting something to eat I went to the library for a quick stop, and then did a larger resupply from the grocery store. I ended up getting a 5 lb bag of potatoes, which I would never do on a backpacking trip. Quite nice. Also got a bunch of carrots and broccoli, just to make sure I have a balanced diet.

Other than town today was mostly uneventful. I stopped at 5:00, where there was a nice flat beach to camp on, with a large amount of driftwood for a fire. It was a pretty nice day overall, even with a bit of a headwind. The traffic had significantly died down from yesterday, even though today was still a holiday, so I was expecting more people. I had a nice large helping of cheesy potatoes for dinner, and read a bit before going to bed.

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