Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mississippi River Day 56 (O'Connell Island, 947.5 miles)

I had a slight tailwind most of the day today, as long as I stuck to the Iowa side of the river, out of the way of the western wind. The entire day glided by, and I didn't really ever stop that much. It was overcast all day long, so the day had a timeless feel, without ever seeing the sun.

I was passed by a coast guard ship that was re-laying the buoys that mark the channel, since they drift over time. Interesting to see some of the maintenance that the river requires.

I had to stay in the main channel today, since there were no other options, but there were plenty of small islands to make things more interesting. I passed through another lock late in the day, and then found a campsite right near town for the night.

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