Friday, October 7, 2011

Mississippi River Day 45 (Maquoketa Island, 768 miles)

Today was not what I was hoping for. I got an early start, hoping to do some more miles today. Even with an early start the wind had already picked up, and I only made 7 miles in the first 4 hours of hard paddling. Luckily at 7 miles there was a nice park, Mud Lake park, where I spent the rest of the day waiting for the wind to die down.

I left again around 5:30, hoping for the evening calm that usually sets in. No such luck. As it got darker the waves actually kicked up, and some of the bigger ones where splashing into my boat. Not something you want to happen when you can only see by the moonlight.

I found a small island after another 3 miles and made camp. The island was nice and flat, with the undergrowth kicked down, and only 3 trees. Luckily two of them worked for my hammock, so I was set for the night. I wasn't able to cook, since the wind would have blown any heat away from my alcohol stove, but I just had a bit of cold food instead.

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