Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mississippi River Day 61 (Hillet Island, 1049 miles)

This morning I left my Canadian friend Casey early in the morning. A few hours later he flew by me in his boat, and that's the last I'll see of him.

I spent most of the day going in and out of islands in the side channels, staying out of the way of other boaters.

I stopped for the afternoon in Hannibal, which is supposed to be the birthplace of Mark Twain. That's pretty much the entire focus of the town, and everything is named after him in some way.

I hit the library, but it was closed because it was Sunday. I spent some time outside of it, but didn't want to hang around for too long. I also did a light resupply, but I had to carry everything for about a mile, so I held off on doing a lot of food.

When I got back to my boat there were a few fishermen at the docks, so we stopped and talked for a bit. Some of them thought I was crazy, and some of them wished they could come with me.
I stopped for the night a few miles outside of town, and had a nice big fire going. I also took the chance to clean out my boat a bit. Dirt and mud accumulates quite a bit, so I emptied everything out and washed the whole boat out.

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