Monday, October 31, 2011

Mississippi River Day 69 (Chesley Island, 1194 miles)

Today was a really good day. It started off a bit cold and windy, but that died down pretty well.

I had 2 miles until I hit the Chain of Rocks, which is a class III whitewater area which is considered Dam #27. I just portaged around it, and had a bit of help from 2 locals.

I passed the island where I was planning on staying last night at 8 miles. It was ideally situated where I could get through St. Louis in a day, but I decided to press on with the nice weather and new found current.

I passed through St. Louis without any real problems. There were a lot of parked barges, and a lot of small tow traffic moving them around, but no barges going up or down the river, which was nice.

As I was going through town I pulled out my kindle to check the maps, and it wouldn't turn on. I knew the battery was charged, so I figured it was broken. Not good, since it is my source of entertainment and navigation.

When I finally stopped for the day at a mile marker I was surprised by the distance I had traveled. It didn't feel that far. I found a nice sandy beach for the night and set up camp. And the best part is that I checked my kindle again, and now its back to working.

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