Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mississippi River Day 49 (Stamps Island, 832 miles)

Today I slept in a bit just to enjoy it.

I hit a town at 4 miles in today, but wasn't able to update my journal. The entire town had wireless setup, but I would have had to pay $5 per 24 hours of usage, even at the public library. No way, so I waited.

There was some slight rain and moderate wind today, but nothing show stopping. The major change today was that the bluffs on either side of the river disappeared. This means that the river has also become wider, especially on the upstream side of some of the dams.

I ended today going through a lock, and found a small island just downstream from it. It was quite nice listening to the dam noises as I fell asleep, but unfortunately it also meant I was woken up any time a barge went through in the night, since they blow a horn to signal the boat to leave the dock. Oh well.
I had a large fire again tonight, since the island had a plentiful supply of dry driftwood. I cooked more mashed potatoes, adding in the last of my cheese, and called it a night.

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