Friday, September 16, 2011

Mississippi River Day 24 (Half Moon Campsite, 334 miles)

It was quite cold last night again. When I got going this morning I had to de-ice my paddle. I have been leaving it in the canoe at night, but I am starting to rethink that. Also, I'm thinking about getting a new sleeping bag. I got this bag in 2006, and it has been on too many trips. The zipper was broken before I even started the AT, so it is probably time to replace it.

I scared a lot of deer today, and some of them even startled me. Its an interesting experience to round a corner in the river and be staring at a deer, or hear a large crashing sound from the bank a few feet away.

I almost missed the campsite again tonight. There was even a warning sign, campsite 300 yards. The actual campsite sign was behind a bunch of trees, in a nice marshy area. The water levels are supposed to be relatively high, and I was still bottoming out trying to get to the camp. It was set back from the bank, behind a stagnant pool, and was directly on an ATV/snowmobile trail. I was worried about having ATVs show up again, but nothing happened, so I slept soundly.

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