Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mississippi River Day 21 (Aitkin, 295 miles)

Today was another windy day. The first few hours of the day weren't bad, but then it really picked up. I still wanted to get to Aitkin so I could use the library, but it was a bit more strenuous than I had planned.

I stopped for lunch at the Aitkin diversion dam, which serves to protect the town from flooding. In times of high water, the excess flows over the dam into a canalway, which rejoins the river on the other side of town. This means that the water level of the river in town will ideally never go above the top of that dam, since the damway is a shorter path for the water to travel.

I got in to town around 4:30 and wandered around until I found the library, where I could upload some of my journals and pictures. Still having problems uploading some of the pictures to my flickr account, and it is taking forever to upload stuff. It will get up eventually though, so you will be able to see all the stuff I've seen. Some of them are already up, in no particular order though. Check them out if you are interested:

Went back to the river to spend the night, and its supposed to be a cold one tonight, people are talking about covering their plants to prepare for a frost. Cold and wind, not a good combination.

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