Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mississippi River Day 23 (Lone Pine Creek, 316.7 miles)

Last night was a cold night. I'm not liking that my toes are going numb, especially only in the middle of September. I stayed in my hammock this morning because it sounded like rain. Eventually I just gave up and got out, and it turns out that it wasn't rain, just the frost melting off the trees onto my hammock.

It was still most of the day, and I had lunch at the downstream side of the Aitkin diversion canal. After the canal the current seemed to pick up a bit, which was nice. Usually the current doesn't really help push me downstream at all, but it did a bit here. It eventually warmed up to around 65 degrees, and the best part was that there were no bugs because of the cold the night before.

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