Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mississippi River Day 15 (Blackberry Campsite, 188 miles)

Today was a quite morning, and I took things nice and slow. It was a clear day, with no wind, which is always nice. I stopped for lunch at Herb's Beer Access, which I have to wonder how it got its name.

The campsite for the night is in a nice wooded area, on a high cliff bank. It was an early day, but I felt like enjoying the day and the nice campsite. This was the first campsite I've seen on the river that had a bear box, so I had to wonder about the wildlife. I put my entire tupperware tub in the box, rather than unpacking all of my food. It was rather convenient. Unfortunately, someone before me had decided to use the box as a garbage can. I burned what I could of the junk, and left the metal pieces.

In Grand Rapids I had bought a block of cheese yesterday, hoping that it would last through at least one day. It sort of did, but the entire block of cheddar was mush. I mixed it in with some ramen, and it seemed fine to me. Nothing much for the rest of the day, just reading and relaxing.

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