Friday, September 23, 2011

Mississippi River Day 31 (Point Park, 484 miles)

Today was another longer day to take advantage of yet another nice day of weather. I saw a fox along the bank today, before it ran away from me. I'm also still seeing tons of herons, but for some reason today they were all out of the water. Maybe it is just as it gets colder or something. Previously they were all standing in water, but today it was all on trees or rocks.

Around lunch time I hit some relatively major traffic. There was a canoe, a kayak, and a motorboat, all at the same bend in the river. Compared to no traffic everywhere else, it felt crowded.

I was actually going to stop for the day at Clausset Island, at 23 miles, but I decided to keep going after looking at the maps for tomorrow. That would have left me right in the middle of a city tomorrow night, which I want to avoid. Instead, I kept going another 5 miles, and hit a town park, stopped for dinner, and continued on another mile. It was one of those parks that you can't camp at, so I just found somewhere a little bit further on. It was getting dark by then, so I just found the nearest trees and strung my hammock.

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