Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mississippi River Day 30 (Montissippi County Park, 455.8 miles)

I woke up this morning to breakfast. My host, Peter, had made some wonderful bacon and eggs, and we made breakfast sandwiches with it. I quickly packed up everything so he wouldn't be late to class. He drove me down to the boat landing and helped me load everything back up. After a quick picture, I pushed off on my way. He was also nice enough to let me keep his bike lock, saying that I would probably need it further downstream. Thanks again.

Within the first few miles I saw a couple sleeping on the side of the river. It seemed more like a try at a romantic experience than a homeless couple, but it looked like it got colder than they expected last night. I also had a helicopter fly over me several times, I'm not sure what they were doing, but it was pretty loud.

The current is stronger today thanks to the dam, which is always nice to have a bit of a push. I found a butterfly floating in the water, which made for a nice picture, and then I rescued it out of the water.

I stopped by Clearwater outfitter, which was right on the river, mainly to see what they had. Apparently they were just opening up within the past few months, but they had some very nice boats. Quite pricey, but very nice. Its also nice to stop by an outfitter, in my experience they are much more interested in your trip than they are in selling you something. Stores generally don't care much about the trip, and are happy to sell something. Also, apparently the owner said that water levels have been dropping lately. I'm not sure if that is good for me or not, but its just interesting to note.

I got to camp, and it started to rain, then it got sunny again, which was nice. I had a nice fire going, which made the evening nice as well.

I'm starting to try and take advantage of nicer days like today, and push more miles. That way, when it is nasty I can avoid longer days, either with bad wind or rain, or even just cold. Hopefully a longer day like today will help later on. It wasn't even that bad, since the current was stronger. I'm also getting much more use to paddling, so it doesn't seem as bad.

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