Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mississippi River Day 11 (Crazy James Point, 125.83 miles)

Today was the second day on Lake Winnie, again a very windy day. Luckily I was already in a relatively sheltered portion of the lake, so it wasn't that bad, but the waves were still quite large.

The portage to get out of the lake was quite steep. I ended up having to grab at the grass on the side as I was pulling the canoe up, just to keep from slipping back down. There was a nice rec area on the downstream side, with a playground and shelter, and best of all, it had power outlets. I used the chance to type of several journal entries, and recharge my kindle before continuing. I got quite a few strange glances, sitting there next to my canoe with my laptop out. Oh well.

After the dam there was a definite twist in the river. Or rather, a lack of one. Up until now the river has meandered quite a bit. However, in this section the river was straightened, probably for logging. The oxbow sections of the river are still there, but they don't connect anymore.

Crazy james point is a very secluded campsite, sitting higher up on a hill looking out over the river. I had been planning on going further, but after fighting the wind on the lake I decided on a shorter day. Again, even though I only made 9.3 miles of progress, I actually traveled further, hugging the shoreline of the lake. It was even windy on the river, which was relatively wooded.

A nice quite evening, with a cooking fire for dinner and a bit of reading

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